Our prepress team can cover your creative communication needs by preparing eye catching and inspiring content, compelling promotional brochures and designs that will add value to your brand. Services like image retouching, resizing, color correction and separation, typography changes offered by our experienced atelier, consist a valuable tool for our customers assisting them to the effective promotion of each project.

Aiming towards the excellent color quality, we use certified gmg color management platform resulting the accurate colors expression, absolute precision and a low production cost saving time and money for everyone involved.

Through mathematical models, and spectral measurement data, we combine all the factors, we analyze the data and simulate the final print so as to fully comply with the customer needs.

We provide integrated services in:

  • Image Retouching  
  • Colours Separation
  • Layout creation
  • DTP Paging
  • Electronic Page Assembly

Using the GMG Color Management Innovative technology, we achieve high quality results, ensuring color consistency and uncompromising color fidelity.

Our Color Server converts the data to a uniform color standard by separation, reseparation or color conversion in order to guarantee color accuracy of 100% on the original image data.

Our Proofing system documents the fact that the proof complies with the predefined parameters. We prepare GMG Digital Color Proof/Fogra 39L Certified / ISO 12647 which we sent to the customer on Semimatte 250 gr paper or on Fogra Optical Brightened Agent Certified Paper.

Finally, our Ink Optimizer replaces CMYC black and leads to improved printing properties like achromatic printing, GCR and extra printing stability.

From the logo design up to creative suggestions for products and services design, our propoals are customized each time according to the culture and philosophy of the customer.

The experienced team of our atelier along with the consulting and creative approach performs quality control procedures in multiple checkpoints ensuring customer the optimal result achievement.