Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Since the first day of our company’s operation, our philosophy, our way of thinking, but also our actions aim to offer to society, to respect our employees and to respect the environment in which we operate.

Our corporate responsibility principles are not merely the result of corporate strategy and regulations but stem from the corporate culture and personal ethics. Therefore, the corporate culture that governs both the management and the employees depicts the responsibility towards society, the environment, our customers, partners, suppliers, the community and any other individual or legal entity that is part of our daily business operation.

Responsibility towards the marketplace

Along with CSR, ethical values are the base of UPPRESS operation. Through our Code of Ethics, we are committed to integrity, responsibility, respect, compliance to professional standards, compliance with laws and regulations, transparency, quality of our services, defend of human rights and the environmental protection, which are also the basic principles of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Responsibility towards the environment

UPPRESS is committed to define its strategy based on values and processes that contribute to sustainable development while respecting both people and the environment.

The pursuit of sustainability is a fundamental principle of our corporate culture and our permanent goal.

Our state-of-the-art technological equipment leaves the smallest possible environmental footprint. With respect to the environment and community, we use only certified inks, low odor and migration water based inks and varnishes and water wash digital plates from recyclable aluminium while we use eco printing methods without using any kind of chemicals.

At the same time, we ensure through certified partners, the management, the recycling and the destruction for every chemical waste, in accordance with the European and Greek legislation inquiries.

The working environment is for us a constant challenge. We replaced the ventilation system with new technology, the old windows with energy, replaced the staff lift, entirely renovated the sanitary facilities (toilets), changed the lighting of offices and production premises equipment with new LED technology.

Responsibility towards employees

At UPPRESS, we respect our people, we maintain optimum working conditions in the context of health and safety. We apply meritocratic employee evaluation system while we offer the potential of developing their skills and competencies. The company also encourages and finances initiatives for foreign language learning and participation in training courses here and abroad.

Thus, they are developing their kon-how, improve their performance and consequently achieve the strategic objectives of the company.

Through the continuous internal communication, employees are informed of matters concerning themselves, the work, the company, any new adopted procedures and certifications and whatever touches the daily business operation.

In a voluntary basis, we have set a fire team, which is trained in order to ensure proper emergency situation handling. We cooperate with a specific technical security expert aiming to the absolute safety in the workplace .

Thus, our people are working in a climate of respect and trust, they are emotionally tied to their job and work in order to preserve the provided quality and the customer satisfaction.

Responsibility towards the community

In a fairly difficult period of Greek society, the offering, the donation and the community support are fundamental values for us. We want to contribute to the social conditions improvement starting with children and youth who constitute the future and evolution. Hence, we support in every possible way actions and initiatives with a significant impact and long-term results.

Among UPPRESS’ CSR actions, we include support for recognized social organizations like "The Smile of the Child" and Animal friendly associations and many other NGOs that offer both to the society and the environment.