Our experienced design and prepress team through its consultative but also creative approach and the implementation of quality control procedures at various stages guarantees that UPPRESS customers achieve excellent results


UPPRESS's design and prepress team is made up of graphic designers, specialized image editing retouchers, design engineers and packaging designers, graphic designers who can meet your creative communication needs, either regarding the design or technically, in brochures, leaflets, promotional forms, cataloguess, albums, corporate identity, creation of packaging products, special constructions and POP stands.

UPPRESS owns state-of-the-art print design tools, image editing tools, packaging design tools, print visualization platform that can present your virtual prototype and also high-precision printing tools for any package or stand design product in order to consistently comply with the high quality of the projects we undertake.

We provide complete services to:

  • Design of advertising brochures, corporate identity, cataloguess, albums, calendars and promotional campaigns.
  • Design of packaging products, boxes, POP stands.
  • Presentation of 3D design of packages, constructions, stands.
  • Presentation of a virtual prototype (visualization of printing that can present a wide range of substrates, prints and finishing in real time).
  • Image editing - Color retouche for special effects.
  • Prepress - Editing.
  • Certified Digital Proofs.

UPPRESS, aiming for excellent color quality in all productions, uses the internationally recognized and certified GMG iso standards - color management platform.

With graphic specialization, matrix models and spectral data measurements (xrite i1 Pro2 spectrophotometer) we create color profiles (gmg sheet fed offset standard Device link profiles), color management in order to achieve ink savings (GMG ink optimizer se) in printing, absolute color file scanning (GMG AdobePDF PrintEngine & FOGRA modules) results in accurate color printing of the proof (GMG ProofControl), the absolute precision, low cost and time savings in our deliverables.

Our GMG Color Server converts RGB or CMYK images to a single standard color with separation according to international color standards to ensure the 100% color accuracy of the original image data in any print application.

Our GMG Color Proof system certifies that the proof complies with predefined international color standards. We print GMG Digital Color Certified Proofs according to the Fogra 39L / ISO 12647 standard which we send to the customer on certified Semimatte paper 250 gr. or in Fogra Optical Brightened Agent.

The Prepress is the last and most important stage and final checkpoint, before any print application. It consists of experienced graphic arts technicians who manage high-tech correction tools and control all parameters for technical excellence of files.


File Checks: fonts, bleeds, RGB, Oveprint Black, Trapping, Low Image Resolution, Pantone, Cutter Control, UV Masks.

The same detailed control is done for both open and closed PDFs that we receive from our customers and, when needed, we provide technical guidance - tips and solutions to our clients for problem solving.

File editing (montaz): In the appropriate template depending on the print and equipment application.

Approval of final files (by customer) for printing: Achieved in the following ways :

  1. Apogee Web Approval - Electronic pre-print approval.

    Apogee WebApproval is an online collaboration portal. It provides customer files' approval flexibility. It shortens the time for receiving, sending and approving files in order to better respond to the short deadlines of the projects.

    Our customers have 24-hours access to their files, which makes it easier for the customer to check their records at any time but also helps to avoid mistakes and costly reprints. Using unique passwords, they can access their projects from their pc or mobile device with the ability to upload files, check pages, and approve their projects.

    They can also refer to older projects and click REPRINT and re-approve files for reprinting.


    You are able to check, accept, or reject and annotate all your pages online, directly from your pc.

     Apogee Web Approval

  2. High resolurion heliogravure

    This is a hardcopy of the final production, on 80g paper printed on a plotter.

  3. Certified digital proof 

    We print GMG Digital Color Certified Proof according to the Fogra 39L / ISO 12647 standard which we send to the customer on certified Semimatte paper 250 gr. or in Fogra Optical Brightened Agent.