The Company

The Company

UPPRESS is a full-service company providing vertically integrated services in the field of graphic arts that continues a successful 20 years history and remains at the top based on our quality, expertise, consistency and customer-oriented philosophy.

At the same time, our brand is associated with state-of-the-art, creative, intellectual and professional in the field of prepress, press and digital printing applications.

UPPRESS is a company that relies on a large team of highly trained and experienced people, combining high level human expertise with the latest methodologies and technology, the high professionalism with familiarity.

We have the same passion for our work today as we had when we started out. Each project is treated as a work of art in which excellence is achieved in both colour and quality.


The ultimate satisfaction of our customers in terms of their printed communication needs is of paramount importance to us. By providing a high quality of products and services, we offer true value for money.

This is achieved through comprehensive quality control of the production process, the continuous training of our people, the vertical integration of our services and through the fixed partnerships networks that we have developed.

Furthermore, the structure and operation of UPPRESS are based on certified business practices, consistent with international standards. Thus, we are able to strengthen our corporate culture with transparent procedures and ethical values.


UPPRESS’ vision is to become the forerunner in the field of paper and digital communication services, investing in constantly evolving technology while remaining people focused. Maintaining respect towards the society and the environment in which we operate, will create the foundation stones that will place UPPRESS among the graphic art leaders.


years of experience
sq.m. facilities
specialized employees
satisfied customers


I want to thank you for the job. We received the brochures. They are very nice. Excellent work, cared for in detail and I think it also depicts the quality we wanted to give with this production. And on time. This is very important too.

Nordia S.A.


We received the adoption certificates and we would like to thank you very much for the excellent work and the excellent cooperation.

WWF Greece


We have received our calendars. Excellent job !! Our thanks and our wishes to all the contributors.


In the framework of our excellent cooperation, UPPRESS printed a special artwork for wall covering in our store in Heraklion Crete and assumed the safe products transportation and installation.

Excellent work, thank you!

Groupe SEB

On behalf of METKA, I would like to thank you for all the effort you made in UPPRESS as to respond to our timeframes, but also for the professionalism and the consistency shown throughout our cooperation.


We would like to warmly thank you all and each one separetely, who have worked for our programs. We deaply appreciate the professionalism and the timely delivery, especially within such strict deadlines, which is vital for the promotion of our performances.

Up to now, our cooperation is highly effective and fruitful and we hope to keep on cooperating for future projects.

Athenian Theatres

Thank you for the in-kind contribution that you provided in support of the 2015 PIERCE Open House event. Almost 3.000 people attended including students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the College as well as local community residents. The Open House celebration is a PIERCE tradition, which showcases the work of the students and their dedication towards promoting a culture of philanthropy and social responsibility. The proceeds of the PIERCE Open House support the PIERCE Scholarship Fund as well as this year two foundations: “Theofilos” and “Theotokos”. 
Thank you again for your support of the college and our students.

The American College of Greece

I would like to thank all of your team for the excellent work done during the packaging of flyers / coupons on the last project we had (Hondos Center Christmas Sets with Folli Follie).
I was reported from our partners that they were approprietly separated and the packaging upon delivery rightly and carefully divided per branch, which contributed to the smooth delivery in stores without bother us about delivery.
Honestly, such "details" separate a very good job from a superb!

Folli Follie Group

Dear friends and partners,

On behalf of children and employees of the organization "The Smile of the Child", we express once again our sincerest thanks for your continuous and invaluable contribution to our efforts refering to the more recent one, the sponsorship of 25,000 booklet printing for our exhibition to HELEXPO.

For a voluntary organization, such as "Smile of the Child", which is based solely on private initiative, as though she translates every time, your participation is treasure value. Thanks to you and with you, "The Smile of the Child" manages to survive each year but also to extend its activities, thus making feasible the protection and care for thousands of children who have been deprived of their smile. Thanks to you and with you, we ensure the innumerable needs that we face in order to continue, and the necessary moral support to carry through the - often very hard - work you have entrusted us.

Once again we thank you deeply and we hope that you will always have the opportunity to stand next to the children as members of our large family.

The Smile of The Child

We would like to inform you that we received the flyers and to genuinely thank you for the excellent work and cooperation.
We hope to cooperate again soon.

Astir Palace Resort

Good morning
We received and we thank you very much for the consistency on the delivery time we asked and especially for the excellent printing.

Institute Francais de grece

We would like to warmly thank you on behalf of Loumidis Coffee Shops for meeting the delivery times set, but also for the consistency and professionalism shown throughout our cooperation.


Dear partners,

We would like to thank you for the consistency and the professionalism shown, during the preparation of our participation to the first Sector Exhibition WESTIA 2016, where we launched Ergologic's new corporate identity.


“Bravo to the team!”: the Bayer comments for the project done!
We hope to continue like this ... we did a good beginning.

Net Creative Services

I would like to thank you for your prompt response on the times and to congratulate you for the result. The invitations excited!


A really very good job, thank you!

Institute Francais de Grece

We just received the envelope with the diet form that you sent us. It is excellent as well as the services you offer.
Thank you for the excellent work and cooperation.

WWF Greece

We received the order blocks yesterday, thanks for the prompt response and service!

Elais-Unilever Hellas S.A.

Thank you very very very much for everything!

Animal Friendly Union Heliopolis

I would like to thank you for the result of our last cooperation despite the difficulties of the files and the flexibility you have shown in delivery times!

Chipita S.A.